Growing up surrounded by the arts and music, they raised me more than any single human. Since 7 years of age, you'd either find me practicing piano or at the University of Michigan with my mom who was a fine arts major, sculpting clay with the rest of the class.

In 2007 I decided to further my own arts-education at Platt College in San Diego, CA. Upon finishing my Associates in Graphic Design, I did an internship for The Image is Found Photography in Oceanside, CA. The last 10 years, I've spent my creative energy on a wide array of projects, both on teams and flying solo; web design, print design, social content creation, photography, videography, creative direction on video projects, directing, filming, & editing.


My personal philosophy is excellence > perfectionism. I've found that perfectionism can paralyze your creative process through insecurity, while excellence frees you up to take calculated risks, learn and grow.

It has been my goal to have an impact on people's lives through my work: to grow human kindness and connectedness.

I moved to New York City in April 2017, and am now taking on projects at Drift Studio in Manhattan.

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